Starseed Falsehood

When I entered Starseed communities I entered with hopes of people actually trying to spiritually develop themselves. When I mean that I mean they were confronting negative behaviors that cause issues in their life and step outside of themselves and look at themselves from a third-party perspective like that of a therapist working out their own issues. I had high hopes I would be around people wanting to grow internally like myself. I know I am not perfect and I have issues I need to confront. I wanted to be brutally honest with myself. By being brutally honest with myself it created a sense of humility but I’m not the type to brag about how humble and wise I am.

Unfortunately, there was a bunch who were caught up in the whimsical side of being a Starseed. Caught up in titles, labels, how many times they incarnated on this earth, repeating the same phrases like “We are One tribe”, past lives, how ascended they are, posting up pictures that were downloaded from Facebook or Pinterest, saying spiritual buzzwords that you could probably find all over the spiritual Starseed community on Instagram, making their house look like a spiritual guru masters condo, blah blah blah… You get the picture. I would try to be honest about my own issues in these communities and no one had nothing to say. No reaction whatsoever. Because to them they had to repeat their fake spiritual “wokeness” like a broken record.

It was like talking to a wall. I started to feel like I was an outcast in my own community. So then I began to sit back and observe these people instead of speaking about my own internal issues and trying to grasp them on how to solve them or bring clarity to it all. Eventually I got tired if it all and left. Sure! It felt lonely not having having others trying to resolve their own issues as well but it beat talking to a brick wall.

It truly makes me wonder why or how these people get caught up in the fantasy of it all that over time they began sounding like a cult to me. Nothing confuses me more than the whimsical falsehood of a Starseed. You can’t even tell them about it because they get defensive and throw pettiness at you as if pettiness is spiritually acceptable. Just know you can not help them. They can only help themselves and in truth I can only help myself as well.